A Reminder on how Magic Osteopathy Is

Selfie photo of Linda Green and Fiona McIntosh

Osteopathic Treatment Works


It's all too easy to lose sight of the value of what you do. Recently, I have been reminded by my lovely friend Fiona McIntosh how amazing and helpful Osteopathic Treatment (from an Osteopath*) is.

Two weeks ago I had a headache that wouldn't budge. It was during the week I have off from teaching, but still work, lightly. I knew I was tired and thought it would ease with sleep, some gentle exercise, stretches. But it lingered and made me feel nauseous. Was it my sinuses playing up again? Or just tension? I know tiredness plays a huge role, but I'm not stressed and sleep well. So why!?

I met with Fi for a catch up at my home and whilst we were drinking tea the whole world around her face went all blurry. My head hurt and I felt rough. She persuaded me to have a treatment from her and so I did, even though I felt bad as it was her weekend off too!

So, we went to the byre and as soon as I lay down I felt like I was being looked after: Just Lovely.

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The Magic that Happened


After her assessment, Fi massaged my neck deeply, under and around my jaw, around my tender shoulders, my diaphragm. It felt intense at times but in a good way. I needed it.

She then did some cranial-sacral therapy, a form of therapy that can be referred to as simply 'cranial' but the hands can be applied on any part of the body and has a body-wide effect. It's bliss. It can feel wonderfully weird. Her supportive holds made me feel not only super relaxed, but I felt tensions unwind. My left eye socket expanded, spine and brain tingled with goosebumps, my breath became easier, my head lighter.

I said to her afterwards, 'who'd of thought it, treatment does work!'. When you work on your own and don't gain treatment from any other Osteopath you forget how magic it is. Fi did nothing I couldn't do, nothing I don't do and patients always say to me how much better they feel, but I would take that with a pinch of salt. Not anymore.

I was exhausted afterwards; a delicious sleepy state and my headache was gone.
I cried and gave her a big hug and then crawled onto the sofa for a deep snooze.

I said to her afterwards, 'who'd of thought it, treatment does work!

Osteopathy is way more than 'just backs'

Osteopathic sessions stay with you for a few days. I felt my tummy soften from the IBS bloat, I could shimmy my shouders easier and I found energy again. In bags full.

I've had no headache since and a couple of days ago we did a treatment swap and I feel the better for it again. Thank you so much, Fi. You've reminded me how special Osteopathy is. I'm very grateful to have you as my pal x

*I say Osteopathic Treatment from an Osteopath as although the title 'Osteopath' is protected (our profession is heavily regulated by the General Osteopathic Council) the term 'Osteopathic' isn't. Osteopaths spend years honing their intuitive skills, I wish more terms that imply Osteopathy were protected.