Rugby Player action shot

Finding the Power and the Grace

I had to take a snap of this photo in The Times newspaper. Its fairly impossible for me not to see the principles of movement I've learned from Joanne Elphinston's Movement Systems (JEMS) in everyone. Here we have a rugby player moving beautifully and with ease as he's about to kick the ball.

In JEMS terms his CLA (central longitudinal axis) is spot on: his head, trunk and pelvis are stacked and balanced.

He is making an excellent choice using his 'diagonal elastic strategy': can you see the stretch he has from his back leg all the way to the end of his opposite arm; stretching and loading his anterior chain which is prepped to powerfully strike with a huge out-breath.

He is making it look easy. He has 'the power and the grace' that everyone has. JEMS helps us to find it.

JEMS principles can be applied to everyone. Over this past year (2020-2021) I have completed both Part 1 and 2 of JEMS and have learned so much. The next stage is to complete certification, which is not advised until at least 6 months post completio of the course to let it all 'land'. It's certainly an ambition of mine to be certified..only a few more months to wait.


Joanne Elphinston: The Power and the Grace: A Professionals Guide to Ease and Efficiency in Functional Movement|Oct 2019