Movement Retreat | 13th November 2022

Canva design offering a movement retreat at Kinlochard Village Hall in November 2022

Fancy a Day of Delicious Movement?

Come and join me at the beautiful Kinlochard Village Hall to learn about your body. Learn it's clever connections and learn techiques to relax, unwind and unravel.

I aim to dispell some of the myths around movement and what it should  be. I'll be discussing the 'core' and the spine - you'll be feeling and connecting with them too through movement. 

We will deeply embody movement.

A retreat can't be a retreat without delicious food

We'll have a delicious lunch to match our delicious movement. Turnip the Beet will be providing our sustenance to nourish us. Please let me know if you have any dietery requirements or allergies. It will be vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

We will have done an invigorating Pilates class and learned a lot about the body by then, so we'll need it!

Canva design describing the offerings for the retreat - a day of delicious movement
Canva design describing more about Linda - osteopath, Pilates Teacher and JEMS Practitioner

What you'll gain

As an Osteopath, Pilates Teacher and JEMS® Practitioner I am passionate about helping people to make them feel better. I love teaching people ways to help themself; there's nothing more empowering.

This retreat will give you life-long tools to help you in your movement. If you're in pain, there's so much you can do to come out of it, to ease it.

There's already so much you can do. With a few little tweaks and more understanding you will be able to do it easier and with confidence.

How to Book

Please send me an email at or send me a text or WhatsApp to 07758 496 820 and I'll add you to my list.

I will ask for a small deposit of £30 to secure your place and the full fee by 16th October (4 weeks before the big day). The full cost is £120 or if you prefer to do smaller installments that's absolutely dandy with me. 

Of course, life happens and sometimes we need to cancel events. Refunds may be issued up to two weeks before the event but after that (from the 30th October) only 50% of the fee may be refunded as all other costs will still need to be paid, unless I can fill your space!