Colourful Canva Image with Patient Review

I borrowed a few words from a lovely email from a happy patient and am sharing with consent. I even made a wee Canva image out of it too.

This patient is fit, healthy, attends yoga and Pilates and likes to walk and run. He's had intermittent back pain for years and with this he is 'careful' with his so many are. I've helped him in the past with osteopathy but this time I was able to help him with (Joanne Elphinston's Movement Systems) JEMS too.

What we he needed: to be able to sit more comfortably and to walk and run.

What we did: I talked him through sitting postures, we did some mobility work on a gym ball, we did some seated bouncing on the ball, we explored rotation throughout the body. We then put it all together with his gait. I offered him some warm up drills to prep his body for walking/running and the result is that he feels he has 'new energy, power and stamina'..all from a few tweaks to how he experiences movement. Magic.