Group Pilates Classes Cancelled Until Further Notice

How is everyone doing? There is a huge amount of anxiety in the community and whilst we must stay positive about this hugely surreal situation, we must stay safe and keep others from harm.

For that reason I've decided to cancel my classes for two reasons:

1. I just don't see the point in putting anyone in danger of contracting COVID-19 by attending a Pilates class. 
2. We have been advised to avoid all unnecessary non-essential contact = Pilates group classes.

BUT we must still keep moving!

Positive fit woman with bun hairstyle and in tight sportswear practicing, doing plank exercise on elbows while watching training video on tablet. indoor studio shot illuminated by sunlight from window

Online Classes and More Content Coming Soon!

I have ordered my microphone and webcam in prep for online classes! My laptop is good to go already and I'm excited about it, but for now I just need to rest. I'm also going to develop programs that you can use whenever you like. I'm on it..slowly! Really hoping to get going with it by Monday! I'll need guinea pigs please!!

You will still make use the classes you have paid for - I've got a note of all of who has paid for the block. You won't miss out...whether that's joining me online or waiting until this has blown over. 

Hopefully my next email will be one to get organised for the online classes, with information about what you'll need and how to set up.

In the meantime here are a few exercises you can do to keep you moving. 

Stay happy and positive and healthy x

woman laying on her back with her right leg crossed over the other to stretch her gluteal muscles in a figure of 4 shape

This is such a great stretch for the glutes. Take your time to get into position and relax. Gently keep your pelvis in neutral/a south tilt. If you go into a north tilt, you'll lose the stretch. Give it a go!