The Breath, The Core & The Pelvic Floor

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Workshop - Kinlochard Village Hall

Sunday 27th August – 4 hours - £60

The Breath, The Core and The Pelvic Floor

The diaphragm, the transversus abdominus muscle and the pelvic floor are all part of one system that supports and controls our intra-abdominal pressure = our core stability system. You’ll learn all about this system, including how it works, how to connect with it & how to improve it.

What we’ll cover:

  • Anatomy and physiology (I’ll keep it brief!)
  • How it connects and influences our whole body and mind
  • What happens if it’s not working efficiently e.g. hernias, prolapse, pain

This will be a mostly practical session where we will explore breathing, strengthening through deeply connecting, and a whole lot of relaxing; lots of delicious relaxing.


Teas, coffees and snacks, although homemade cakes are always welcome 😉

Handouts will be provided

Contact via email or WhatsApp to book!

07758 496 820