Why are you in pain?

A visual picture showing all the elements that contribute to the experience of pain

The experience of pain is a complex one..

Expectations, beliefs, previous experience of pain, stress levels, lack of sleep, emotional state, injury. All of these things can be part of creating pain. All of these things can affect how we move, which can create discomfort and pain.
They can affect how much we move and exercise, the lack of which can also cause discomfort and pain.
Our human bodies are so clever at adapting and compensating for any of these things, but if too many keep piling up our 'reservoir of compensation' spills over and we can then experience pain.
Pain rarely correlates to the amount of damage, if any, in the body. In contrast, we don't necessarily feel damage or notice changes like 'wear and tear' in the body.
Pain for many is like an emotion; a memory, and it's a sign we need to do something differently.
Be kind to any pain you have. Send a breath in its direction, allow it to let go and expand - does that change it?
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